Nov 05 2009
What’s really fascinating is BlueBeat’s response. BlueBeat claims that “Plaintiffs are not likely to succeed on the merits because Defendants’ website markets and sells an entirely different sound recording than that copyrighted by Plaintiffs.” BlueBeat says it “independently developed [its] own original sounds” that consist of “entirely different sound recording[s]” through a technical process it calls “psycho-acoustic simulation.” BlueBeat even says it obtained copyright registrations on such “new” recordings (which, as the plaintiffs point out, are exactly the same as the original recordings).
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Oct 16 2009
He and his laptop were eventually allowed in to see the film, after convincing the cinema’s child-faced manager that the Vaio didn’t actually have a camera in it. In his blog, Jeremy adds: “I often pop in to the movies after work, so I often have the laptop with me and I wanted to check that this was definitely out from now on.  He said after advice from FACT, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, Cineworld had brought in the new guidelines.” “I asked if it would be OK to take my mobile phone into the film as that does have the capacity to record movies.  He asked if I was planning to use it for that purpose. I said no.  He said it would be all right then. Not the most rigorous interrogation and one that a determined bootlegger probably could have passed.”

So laptops without cameras are banned, but mobile phones with video recording devices are allowed…?

Barmy new ‘no laptops allowed’ rule from Cineworld | BitterWallet

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Sep 28 2009
Imagine my surprise to find out that Verizon has now agreed to pay the ASCAP an interim license fee of more than $4.99 million for songs the phone service provider uses in ringtones for its customers. Meanwhile, the two sides will continue to debate how much the group should receive for the tunes.
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Sep 24 2009

Paramount Pictures FCC Broadband Workshop Presentation (via acurtis)

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Sep 17 2009
Songwriters, composers, and music publishers are making preparations to one day collect performance fees from Apple and other e-tailers for not just traditional music downloads but for downloads of films and TV shows as well. Those downloads contain music after all.
These groups even want compensation for iTunes’ 30-second song samples.
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Sep 09 2009
A judge yesterday ruled against a Long Island man who drove a phony missile emblazoned with the words “Viva Viagra” into Manhattan last year. Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III said Arye Sachs illegally infringed on pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s trademark for its erectile-dysfunction drug by copying its slogan.

Not really a copyright case… But still…

LI man guilty of copyright boner

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Aug 20 2009
In a lawsuit filed Thursday with the federal court in Manhattan, widely published photographer Louis Psihoyos contends that Apple is using his “1000 TVs” image in its “i.TV” movie guide application for the iPhone.


Apple sued for infringing 1000 TVs copyright

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Aug 14 2009
We’re providing this favelet’s source code for educational purposes. Note that the source code is copyrighted. We do not grant you the right to modify or distribute it.

Open the source code to get the punchline to this joke…

Favelet/Bookmarklet: New Browser Window

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Aug 10 2009

That is one cruel anti-piracy measure…

EarthBound Anti-Piracy Measure (spoilers!) (via starmennet)

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Aug 06 2009
The picture shows Obama puffing on a cigarette (of the tobacco type). People at NORML took the image, dressed it up a little to make it look like Obama’s puffing on some serious Early Pearly Maui (or something), and stuck it on their Summer of Love-inspired promotional poster for their annual conference. The message on the poster: “Yes We Cannabis.” But it’s not Obama who’s taken his anger over the poster public, rather Lisa Jack, an Obama classmate back at Oxy, who took the picture. She reportedly had no idea the photo had been used until the Post told her on Tuesday.
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